Friday, January 31, 2014

The January summary

It's been a somewhat gentle start back. However, there has been a definite set back on the running front. Parkrun went from 23:20 to 24:00 for pretty much the same RPE. That is not surprising given the limited amount of running time/kms since the 'roadless travelled' recommenced. It is probably unreasonable to except THIS body to cope with just 2 short runs (walk/runs) and a hard run each parkrun and expect continual improvement on no running base. The time has come to try and build a base. Sadly I have failed at this before in the land of training intolerance, but this time around it makes sense to persevere and to stick with true 'easy', at least for the next 8 weeks. It's time to develop an aerobic base using some low HR training. I've already shown myself that if I run slowly enough, it isn't necessarily as 'tough' as it has been before! Indeed, even when it's in the mid 30s C temperature wise, if you go slow enough, the heat just doesn't matter! Previously I have struggled trying to run slow, but recent efforts show it can indeed be done! Maybe that has something to do with rock bottom and lots of time off.

Time to keep that heart rate LOW!
January was a relatively easy month on both the cycling and running front. Here's hoping the goal of getting over 60 mins for a run doesn't prove too challenging (a recent 54 min run does bring hope)! For the next little while, it is less of a mental 'blah' if the cycling is documented as distance and the running as time. That way cycling doesn't become all about pace and running is not all about distance! Bring it on.

Summary for January:
Cycling - only 590 km
Running - 9:39 hours/mins (that's on 3 days/week of running)


  1. Good luck with the slow runs. I'm sure they'll make a difference if you can string enough together. Recording by time makes sense - an hour at low HR could be 8k or 16k depending on the runner but same effect on the aerobic base of each.

    Keep getting slower and you'll meet me at 24:30 for the Parkrun ;-)

  2. Thanks ET. Managed a 62 min slooooowww run this morning + an additional 13 mins of walking at the end due a long hill (all in the target HR zone). This low HR stuff certainly isn't very taxing. Question is, will the pace eventually quicken or will I find myself out in the 28:30 group for parkrun? ;-) Time will tell.

    1. I'm sure the pace will get faster. The rather warm weather is a problem for low HR pace at the moment. If it doesn't get faster there are some very friendly people in the 27-30 minute range at Parkrun ;-)