Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tricks of the runner's mind

One of the toughest things about this training intolerance is the frequent lack of ‘easy’ even when doing an ‘easy run’. Mentally one has to push the body to keep going, this is despite a slow pace, low heart rate and no overtraining fatigue. I can easily understand why people give up on running when they first start. It is demoralising when it feels hard each time. For me, it is the memory of how good it used to be that keeps me going. I live in hope of that ‘feel good’ run. Coz when they feel good, there really isn’t anything better!

Remove those pins!
Wednesday’s session started as most have in recent times, a hard slog to do an easy run. I have progressed to 30 mins of continual running with some strides thrown in just before the finish of the run. This week the strides were interesting. The first two were same ol’, same ol’. BUT at the end of 2nd set I pulled up feeling a bit giddy and odd. As I slowly walked back to the start for the 3rd set of strides the giddiness lifted and for lack of a better description, it felt like some evil spirit departing (a lifting fog...?) and the body suddenly felt light and relaxed. The remaining strides felt pretty good, fast legs and no dizziness. Even better, the jog back to work was truly ‘easy’, it felt like floating back up the little hill through the ANU. Of course, this was probably due to a drop of blood flow to the brain, but it felt like a hex had been lifted, a voodoo curse reversed (because I have so much knowledge of how that feels ...... not ;-) ). Could it be someone has cursed me from afar causing the running woes of the last few years and the hex is over? My runner’s brain would love that to be the case, anything to get back to how it was before! Ah well, we shall see. This theory could well be shattered on my very next run. JKK reporting


  1. We all run to get that " nice running" feeling. More often than not, it is hard work and the flow doesn't happen. Then one day, it's just right, so easy.
    Let's hope you are making some progress. Take care.

    1. Thanks TF. If you run slow enough, you should be able to consistently get a 'easy feeling' during a run. Something I've struggled to achieve over the last 3 years. Sadly I was back to slugging it out during my run today. C'est la vie.

  2. Imagine the pins being pulled out prior to every run!

    I know what you mean (although I don't think I'm training intolerant!) about every run feeling hard. I felt like a beginner coming back from my recent injuries and still now, many 'easy' runs are hard. Keep persisting and eventually you'll get roll over the top of a hill to the point where at least some easy runs feel easy!

  3. Thanks ET! It seems there are lots of pins still to come out :-/. Yes I know we have good days and bad days, but long strings of bad days are downright depressing. I managed a super slow 55min run today and it mostly felt okay. Maybe there is hope on the horizon ;-).