Monday, March 10, 2014

Mulligan's in March

The plan has been to stick with building base and so far all is going according to plan. Weekdays usually include a lap of the central basin (LBG) on alternating days. Weekends include one long run and a bike ride (if the weather and/or body agree). It is safe to say that at this point more runs feel good than bad. Indeed there have been plenty of 3/3 runs in the kitty. That said, there are still those days when it's a long hard slog. I have a great little 'test' for what a run will be like. At work I have to walk up some stairs from the basement. On 'bad run' days that stair walk (all of one flight) is somewhat hard work. On the good days, it's an easy climb to my destination.

Most long runs have been pretty good and the time/distance is building. Last weekend, within the first 2km it was obvious it was going to be a horrid run (no stairs at home, but I had an inkling just walking around the house). That whole run was a mental battle, with the need to constantly remind the body that it was low intensity and perfectly doable. Despite that hard slog, the following weekday runs were mostly great. This weekend (Sunday March 9) I managed a big 18km, woo hoo! Made all the easier by being in a favourite running location - my local Mulligan's Flat. BUT I am feeling just a bit guilty as I have gone from the sound-free runner enjoying nature, to one of those 'ipod types'. Somehow the music acts as a distraction from the negative messages from body to brain. So for now, the ipod wins out. This does detract from the wonders of Mulligan's. Hopefully this will not last forever!

The loop through Mulligan's Flat and the Border track

The muscles were a bit niggly post-run, so some compression garments and the mighty roll recovery were called upon. Monday I was greeted with happy muscles and managed a gentle 34km bike ride as recovery. Running pace does seem to be ever so slowly increasing for a given heart rate, but the variation in running temperature makes it hard to be sure.

It's more of the same for March, all 'aerobic' zone training, working on building a solid base. But I remain cautiously optimistic, as previous attempts have shown promise only to see muscle rebellion as the training load increases. I should follow the adage of CJ - One day at a time :-)

February Summary:
Running: 13 hours and 25 minutes
Cycling: only 283 km


  1. This is good news & so far so good. I wonder if the cooler autumn weather will help & make a difference or is music the magical answer. Whatever, happy days, enjoy being able to get out there.

    1. Thanks TF. Yes looking forward to some cooler autumn weather to test things out.

  2. That all sounds positive. Just don't follow CJ's iPod habit: she used to wear it when running with others (I think with the volume turned up!).

    1. Thanks ET. CJ is so wise ;-). I prefer no music really, but it's a needed distraction at this point in time.